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Introducing Marteino

December 11 2014 | Article Type: Style


Marteino is a luxury menswear brand that pursues the highest quality fabrics and trims to create a line suitable for the modern man. The entire collection is made in limited numbers by hand in New York City and features such materials as Italian artisan printed silks, thick gauge horn buttons carved from African rams, and fine grade piques from Japan that together set the standard in ultimate luxury and craftsmanship. 

The Marteino Man is an individual driven by the desire to stand out by following his passion and motivation to not only inspire others, but to also make an impact on the future. His boldness, confidence and aspirations place him in a class of his own. Marteino seeks to cut through the distinction between high fashion and lifestyle brands and presents an updated concept of what it means to be a successful, inspirational and aspirational man across generations.

Our goal is that this blog will cultivate conversations and empower those who embody the characteristics of the Marteino Man. The desire to travel the world, immerse themselves among different cultures, indulge in the luxuries that life has to offer and maintain a clear mind, body and soul. We hope that by sharing what inspires us, it will in time inspire you.


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