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Light as a Feather Luxury

December 09 2014 | Article Type: Style


Italian luxury design company, Calma e Gesso, has managed to revolutionize classic home entertainment products, such as the billiards and ping-pong tables, into modern pieces of elegance and sophistication. The B <D> Collection, led by Director Gregg Brodarick with the help of design team, Davide and Gabriele Adriano, have created the perfect balance of technical ingenuity and style that redefine the term luxury.

Their first piece, the “Filotto,” has transformed our previous perception on the timeless game of billiards. Never has a game piece looked so elegant. Heaviness is exhausted in the familiar vintage design of pool, while Filotto floats with its crystal structure and light, thin steel frame. It is a regeneration of the classics alongside a modern curve that can be deemed one of the most innovative products designed to date.The visual monument is certain to be seen among the elite.

The “Lungolinea,” the most recent addition to the collection, adds a unique twist to the game of ping-pong that was previously unimaginable. That was until Adriano Design’s brought their ideas to the table. The result--a completely transparent game table produced out of crystal glass that would entice anyone who entered the room.

As a brand, Marteino acknowledges the artisan craftsmanship behind Calma e Gesso’s pieces and salutes the emerging architecture. Not only does this collection represent sheer technological innovation and Italian style, but as director Gregg Brodarick puts it, “Calma e Gesso for me is more than just a brand that represents game tables, it is a philosophy of life that I try to follow. It can help you through trying moments and assist in making the best decisions. Stay calm, reflect, and then move on in the right direction.”


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