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Pandora Tee

Inspired by the myths of ancient Greece and the story of Samson and Delilah, Marteino's debut collection focuses on the inner workings of the modern man’s spirit and morality. From the great heights of Icarus, to the inner struggle of Narcissus, to the chaos that surrounds Pandora and the betrayal of Delilah, Yesterday’s Myths, Today’s Realities reflects the inner workings of mankind.

Narcissus Tee & Brando Polo White

With the ambition to build a timeless luxury menswear brand, Marteino debuted its first collection of tailored Henleys, polo shirts, t-shirts and tanks by pulling inspiration from these timeless tales that have served as a guiding reference on morality throughout history. The line pays homage to the masters of art and their ability to capture the essence of each tale in a single image with such perfection.

The Yesterday’s Myths, Today’s Realities Collection exemplifies the highest pursuit in quality fabrics and trims. Produced in limited numbers and made by hand in New York City, the line utilizes narrow loom knits and fine grade piques from Japan, Italian artisan printed silks and thick gauge horn buttons carved from African rams horns to set the standard in ultimate luxury and craftsmanship.


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